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Geoff Lawton

Geoff Lawton is a permaculture consultant, designer and teacher. He holds a diploma in permaculture design. Since 1995 he has specialized in permaculture education, design, implementation, system establishment, administration and community development. In 1996 he was accredited with the Permaculture Community Services Award by the permaculture movement for services in Australia and around the world. Since 1985, Lawton has undertaken a large number of jobs consulting, designing, teaching and implementing in over thirty countries around the world. Clients have included private individuals, groups, communities, governments, aid organizations, non-governmental organizations and multinational companies. Lawton's aim is to establish self-replicating educational demonstration sites. He has currently educated over 6,000 students in permaculture worldwide. Lawton's 'master plan' is to see aid projects being replicated as fast as possible to help ameliorate the growing food and water crisis.

In October 1997 Bill Mollison, upon his retirement, asked Geoff to establish and direct a new permaculture research institute on the 147-acre (0.59 km2) Tagari Farm. Lawton developed the site over a period of three years and established The Permaculture Research Institute as a global networking centre for permaculture projects. The institute is a non-profit company limited by guarantee. It is currently located at Zaytuna Farm at The Channon in Northern NSW, Australia where Lawton is managing director. The institute has since founded PRI USA, which is a registered charity - a tax-exempt organization under §501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Other permaculture research institutes that have been launched or are in the process of being launched include: PRI Jordan, PRI Canada, PRI Chile, PRI Turkey and PRI Afghanistan.

Keynote Speaker


Starhawk is a committed global justice activist, organizer, speaker, teacher, and the author or coauthor of ten books. Starhawk is founder of Earth Activist Training, and travels internationally teaching permaculture, magic, the tools of ritual, and the skills of activism for diverse groups, communities and audiences. Starhawk is perhaps best known as an articulate voice in the revival of earth-based spirituality and Goddess religion. Besides her inspiring, much-read books, she is a cofounder of Reclaiming, an activist branch of modern Pagan religion, and continues to work closely with the Reclaiming community. Her works include The Spiral Dance, long considered the essential text for the Neo-Pagan movement, and the now-classic ecotopian novel, The Fifth Sacred Thing. A favorite among activists is award-winning Webs of Power: Notes from the Global Uprising. Starhawk's latest book is The Earth Path: Grounding Your Spirit in the Rhythms of Nature. Starhawk's books have been translated into many languages, while her essays are reprinted across the world, and have been included in numerous anthologies. Her writing is influential and has been quoted by many hundreds of other authors, from magazines to trade and academic press. Her books are often used in college curriculums.

Starhawk is a veteran of progressive movements, from anti-war to anti-nukes, and is deeply committed to bringing the techniques and creative power of spirituality to political activism. Her work in progressive movements spans over 30 years. She has organized, trained protesters, and been on the front lines of antinuclear actions at Diablo Canyon, Livermore Weapons Lab, Vandenberg Air Force Base, and the Nevada Test Site, among others. She traveled to Nicaragua with Witness for Peace in 1984 and made two trips to El Salvador to give ongoing support for sustainability programs. She continues to be a witness for peace on the front lines of the Palestine/Israel war, working with Palestinian and Israeli peace activists. A main focus for the last several years has been the global justice movement; Starhawk has taken part in many of the major actions, including those in Seattle, Washington DC, Quebec City, Genoa, New York City, Cancun, Mexico, and Miami. She co-founded RANT: Root Activists' Network of Trainers, and teaches non-violent direct action trainings for groups throughout the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Palestine, and South America. She is active in the revived American peace movement, and works with Code Pink. Starhawk also works on countless environmental and land use issues, and is a founder and active member of the Cazadero Hills Land Use Council in western Sonoma County.

Starhawk consulted on and contributed to a trio of popular films, the Women's Spirituality series (directed by Donna Read).

Starhawk and Donna Read formed their own film company, Belili Productions. Their first release is "Signs Out of Time" (2004), a documentary on the life of archaeologist Marija Gimbutas, the scholar whose discoveries sparked the Goddess movement.  Watch Starhawk’s short videos on Permaculture -  Tabor Tilth: Permaculture in the City, and Permaculture Principles at Work. Starhawk and Donna are at work on her next film, an Introduction to Permaculture.

Starhawk lives part-time San Francisco, in a collective house with her partner and friends, and part-time in a little hut in the woods in Cazadero, California, where she practices permaculture in her extensive gardens, and writes.

Mark Lakeman

Mark is a national leader in the development of sustainable public places. In the last decade he has directed or facilitated designs for more than three hundred new community-generated public places in Portland, Oregon alone. Through his leadership in Communitecture, Inc., and it’s 501©3 affiliate The City Repair Project, he has also been instrumental in the development of dozens of participatory design projects and organizations across the United States and Canada. Mark works with governmental leaders, community organizations, and educational institutions in many diverse communities.

Mark Lakeman is the co-founder of the non-profit placemaking organization The City Repair Project, and principal of the community design firm Communitecture. Mr. Lakeman has taken on the role of creative urban place-maker and community design facilitator in his commitment to the emergence of a sustainable cultural landscape.  He seeks to make every design project one which will further the development of a community vision, whether it involves urban design and placemaking, ecological building, encourages community interaction, or assists those who typically do not have access to design services. His leadership in the City Repair Project has benefited communities across the North American continent including cities such as Los Angeles, Seattle, and Ottawa where City Repair Projects are underway.

Stories of Mr. Lakeman’s projects have been told widely, including in such publications as Dwell, Architecture Magazine, New Village Journal, Yes magazine, and The Utne Reader. With City Repair, in 2003 Mark was awarded the National Lewis Mumford Award by the international organization Architects & Planners for Social Responsibility for his work with Dignity Village, one of the United States’ first self-developed, permanent communities by  and for previously homeless people.

Keynote Speaker

Trathen Heckman

Trathen Heckman is the founding executive director of Daily Acts Organization, president of the board for Transition US, publisher of Ripples - an award-winning journal, and a backyard farmer. He is the former executive director of Green Sangha Organization and currently on the board of directors. Seeking to inspire the engagement of hearts, minds and senses, Trathen educates and works with community, business and municipal leaders to create programs, policy and models which harness the power of nature and inspired action to restore the health of our lives and communities. Trathen has given oodles of local, national and international presentations on Sustainability, Ecological Design and the power of our daily actions to renew the world. He lives in the Petaluma River Watershed where he grows food, medicine and wonder while working to compost apathy and lack.

Keynote Speaker

Erik Ohlsen

Erik Ohlsen is a licensed contractor, Founder and owner of Permaculture Artisans (Ecological farm and landscape company). Erik is a renowned Certified Permaculture designer, a Certified Permaculture teacher, and has been practicing permaculture and ecological design since 1998 when he co-founded his first non-profit called Planting Earth Activation, PEA. This charitable organization designed and installed community gardens in northern California for public and private use from 1998-2001. In the field of ecological land development and management Erik has extensive experience with projects that range from small urban lots to 100+ broad acre design and implementation. His many years of experience, observation and listening of landscape patterns, managing installation crews and design teams, and his understanding of ecology make Erik a leader in the field of ecological landscape development.

Erik’s design and field experience comprise of a huge variety of skills including, farm design and implementation, water harvesting/storm water management, erosion control, extensive earthwork operations, heavy machine operating, irrigation systems, ponds, food forests/orcharding systems, native plant systems, wildlife habitat enhancement, integrated pest management, microclimate moderation, roof water catchment systems, sustainable forestry, soil building, vermaculture, hardscape design and implementation, client relations specialist, project management, and much, much more. Erik has an innate ability to integrate a variety of disciplines into a holistic framework through facilitation of diverse groups of individuals and professionals. This skill is why many organizations and professionals in related fields to permaculture want to work closely with Permaculture Artisans to achieve excellence in their projects while benefiting entire ecological systems and communities. Erik has been teaching Permaculture design and implementation since 2001 and is known in Northern California as a premier teacher of Permaculture. His engaging, energetic, do-it-yourself teaching style has captivated hundreds of permaculture students from all over the world. Erik has taught courses in Permaculture and related subjects throughout the US, Canada, and the UK. He currently teaches with the Earth Activist Training, the Regenerative Design Institute and with The Occidental Arts and Ecology Center.

Max Meyers

Maximillian Meyers is an Ecological Designer, Permaculture Teacher, Commercial Aquaponic System Designer/Installer, Rainwater and Greywater System specialist, Farmer and the Executive Director of the Mendocino Ecological Learning Center - a nonprofit educational organization and ecological reserve offering green job training and sustainable living skills to the public free of charge. In addition to the work at MELC, Max provides Ecological design services to the public, organizations and schools through his businesses Osiris Designs and NorCal Aquaponics. He is passionate about all things related to a more just and sustainable world. He has been studying, practicing and teaching Permaculture and Ecological Design for 13 years. Since graduating from College with a B.A. degree in Culture, Ecology and Sustainable Communities, Max has become a certified Permaculture designer/teacher, water systems specialist and working professional. He has been fortunate enough to study with people like Bill Mollison, Geoff Lawton, Sepp Holzer, Tom Ward, Jude Hobbs, John Valenzuela, Penny Livingston, and many others in places like the United States, New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil and Hawaii. Some of his fields of study and practice include: Natural Building, Organic Farming, Integrated Rainwater Harvesting, Alternative Transportation, Mushroom Cultivation, Sustainable Forestry, Beekeeping, Animal Husbandry, Renewable Energy, Biogas Production and use, Greywater Systems design and installation, Vermiculture, seed saving and many other sustainable technologies, methods and skills. He has experience teaching Permaculture, Natural Building, Cob Construction, Renewable Energy, Organic Farming, Beekeeping and others. His work has been featured in the best selling book Gaia’s Garden, radio and television programs. Max’s most recent project is a large scale Aquaculture Farm in Costa Rica that he is transforming into a large scale Commercial Aquaponics Farm, Research Institute, and Educational Center called Finca Neptuno.

Kat Steele

Kat Steele is a permaculture activist, designer, educator and founder of the Urban Permaculture Guild in Oakland, CA. She facilitates workshops on ecological design, sustainability and permaculture as well as publicly speaks about eco-social design, city repair and the power of placemaking. Trained in Ecovillage Design with the Findhorn Foundation of Scotland, Natural Building with Kleiwerks International, and Permaculture Design with the Occidental Arts and Ecology Center, she also holds an MA in Creative Arts from San Francisco State University. She presently serves on the board of a Bay Area nonprofit organization devoted to peace, justice and sustainablity, the NorCal Chapter of Architects, Designers, Planners for Social Responsibility (ADPSR). In 2006 she became one of a 1,000 Climate Project trainees empowered to present a version of Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth slide presentation. Kat recently moved to Big Sur, CA to lead sustainability initiatives at the Esalen Institute. She is devoted to localization and community resiliency, believing it to be a key strategy towards sustainability and "thriveability.”

Benjamin Fahrer

Benjamin Fahrer is an internationally recognized Permaculture designer, educator, and progressive environmental activist.  He has been working with a diversity of front line organizations and non-profits throughout Northern California teaching and promoting ecological design and responsible land stewardship for the last 10 years. A community organizer and progressive organic farmer, he works intimately with front-line organizations, nonprofits, institutes and communities throughout California ands the Pacific Northwest. Benjamin is a registered teacher with Permaculture Research Institute and is currently helping set up and connect Bio-Regional Educational Centers throughout the western United States.

Bios of Additional Speakers and Workshops Coming Soon!

We encourage and are looking for more people to offer workshops, presentations, discussions, skill shares, and educational demos. To apply to offer a workshop click here, or email workshops@permacultureconvergence.com

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Become a partnering media sponsor and promote the Convergence through your organization’s website and network. The Northern California Regional Permaculture Convergence is a collaborative gathering put on in partnership, endorsement, or association with the organizations below and more. Our intention is to build a strong coalition of people, businesses, and organizations in the permaculture movement to generate greater strength, collaboration, and prosperity for our collaborative project initiatives. If your organization would like to get involved and become a partner or sponsor of this Convergence, please contact us by e-mailing: sponsors@permacultureconvergence.com or call 707-634-1461


At these times of growing ecological and social transformation, we have the opportunity now more than ever to come together and work collaboratively towards implementing regenerative solutions to the many serious problems facing the world today solutions that heal our disconnection from nature and provide abundance for ourselves, our communities, and the planet on which we reside. Many of the solutions we are seeking to the problems facing the world today can be found in Permaculture - a growing global movement for ecological and social regeneration.

The permaculture convergence is a strategic, collaborative gathering bringing together an exceptional collective of permacuture designer’s, teachers, and professionals representing some of the core organizations and people practicing and teaching permaculture in the greater San Francisco Bay area, Northern California, and beyond. Your support of this collective will greatly assist our ability to powerfully and effectively engage the world at large in the many project initiatives for ecological & social regeneration to which we are being called to rise. To donate to the convergence email: info@permacultureconvergence.com



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Calling The Circle

We call this circle to activate the guilds, teachers, organizers, and earth stewards throughout California and beyond. In response for the need for peace and lightning fast restoration of Planet Earth, we gather our energy with respect for our Ancestors and Future Beings. “E Pluribus Unum.” We call this circle to mend  “The Sacred Hoop”. In the name of all those who have cared for the Earth and wish for Peace, Sovereignty, Liberation, and Equality we gather for ReGeneration.

This Convergence is called in the spirit of Each One, Teach One. We are all students and teachers, and as a Net+Work we build our creative commons. With openness, integrity, respect, and livelihood we summon the potential in our relationships and communities. Together and a part. For The Earth.


The Northern California Permaculture Convergence (formerly the Bay Area Regional Permaculture Convergence) is an annual event which brings together permaculture designers, sustainability enthusiasts, and communities in Northern California, the West Coast, and beyond for a weekend of intensive focus on a common goal: to design sustainable habitats, in accordance with nature, for humans, plants, animals, our greater bioregion, and the Earth at large. Practitioners across a wide-spectrum of skill-sets exchange ideas through concurrent workshops and discussions ranging from organic agriculture and wildcrafting to natural building and appropriate technologies; from environmental remediation and disaster preparedness to community dynamics and global justice. In addition to a plethora of workshops and amazing speakers on a diversity of topics, there will also dedicated areas for skill sharing, collaborative discussions, children's activities, educational displays, and specialist vendors. Participants will have opportunities to socialize, network, and connect with others in this field through meals and the activities listed above.


Come gather with past and present, green and veteran permaculture students, teachers, and designers for this epic convergence that brings together permaculture designers and sustainability enthusiasts from Northern California, the west coast, and beyond. This gathering is intended to be a Convergence for Permaculture Designers and Professionals in the Northern California bioregions and the greater Pacific Northwest to come together to network share, strategize, and synergize about our various projects and initiatives within the greater permaculture movement. The intention for the Convergence is to be an amazing gathering to showcase the latest cutting edge-information in our greater bioregion and beyond, to gain valuable insights and information on a variety of topics, to network and strategize with with old friends, and to meet new fiends and build new relationships, and to strengthen our bioregional resiliency.

Theme - Building Bioregional Resiliency

Each year the Northern California Permaculture Convergence has a general overarching theme. This year’s theme of “Building Bioregional Resiliency” is intended to guide and inspire the Convergence conversations, workshops, and outcomes towards creating more strength, interconnection, and resiliency within our Bioregional communities, systems, and relationships. Through further strengthening existing systems and practices, as well as by bringing our heads, creativity, and diversity together in guided collaborative containers to create new ideas and strategies, we will do just that. Along with being an amazing, content rich gathering, our intention with this Convergence is also to generate physical outcomes, strategies, and implementation plans to contribute to this theme of “Building Bioregional Resiliency”. By gathering together in this way, we will renew and enliven our collective strategies and build greater bioregional resiliency throughout our network, bioregion, and communities.

Program Schedule

The Convergence will be a 3 day gathering including key note speakers, presentations, workshops, open space, bioregional councils, collaborative discussions, spokes councils, delicious meals, and much more! The basic schedule is below, with more details to come soon.

Friday, October 12

10:00am: Green Friends Farm Hands-On Projects

2:00pm: Registration /Tours

4:00pm: Convergence Opening Circle

6:00pm: Dinner

7:30-9:00pm: Keynote Speaker

Saturday, October 13

9:00am: Morning Circle and Morning Sessions

1:00pm: Lunch

2:00-5:30pm: Afternoon Sessions

6:00pm: Dinner

7:30pm: Keynote Speaker

Sunday, October 14

9:00am-noon: Morning Circle and Sessions

1:00pm: Lunch

2:00-5:30pm: Afternoon Sessions and Closing Circle

Workshops & Speakers

The Convergence will feature a number of different workshops, speakers, skill shares, and conversations. A more detailed list of workshops and speakers will be announced in the coming weeks as the Convergence gets closer. To apply to offer a workshop, skill share, or edicational demo click here, and/or please email a title and a brief paragraph description of your workshop, along with photo and a brief  bio to workshops@permacultureconvergence.com



This Convergence is intended as to be a Convergence for Permaculture Designers, Professionals, students, and sustainability enthusiasts in the Northern California bioregions and the greater Pacific Northwest to come together to network share, strategize, and synergize about our various projects and initiatives within the greater permaculture movement. Though traditionally the Convergence has been intended to those specifically involved in and working within the Permaculture Community, this gathering is also open to the general public to anyone interested in learning more about Permaculture through the plethora of workshops, speakers, skill sharing, and discussion that will be present at the gathering.


Our spokes council will be a place for different bioregions to each discuss what projects and plans they're working on.  The motivation behind this is to help keep all of the attendees informed as to what is going on in the various bioregions that we all come from, as well as to open up a space for different bioregions to cooperate with one another if that seems appropriate. The reason why we're calling it a "spokes council" instead of a "bioregional meeting" is that we'll use the guidelines of a spokes council -- namely by having each group represented by one person (or "spoke") - and utilizing consensus to debate/adapt any proposals as a community.


Open Space Technology is a way to structure meeting time in which attendees generate the meeting agenda and lead small group break-out sessions during the meeting time. We will have an extensive on-the-site introduction to Open Space and experienced  open Space facilitator, but no official meeting leader who demands compliance.  Fundamentally, it's a way to make sure that the people involved in the convergence are engaged in that which they feel most called to do.

Cooperative Media & Nodal Guild Communication

With the theme of the Northern California Permaculture Convergence being “Activating Bioregional Resiliency, we will begin this process with a collaborative media campaign, mutually telling the story of our cumulative efforts happening around our bioregion. We invite local guilds, practitioners, and engaged people and organizations in the California permaculture, sustainability, and environmental movements to contribute to this media campaign by updating us on your local initiatives, as well to send a physical representative to the Convergence. We invite your contribution, will collect our thoughts and perspectives at the convergence, and co-creative an amazing three day event. Cohesion and cooperation is our goal and outcome. So all voices are called to the circle as equals and our resonance will be collaboratively generated. By our individual offerings we build our relationships, our guilds, our communities. Our effort together, the Net+Work, creates the harvest of change.

Permaculture Marketing Strategy -

Each One, Teach One

We will publicize this event using a media strategy based on Web 2.0 and Permaculture Design.  The goal of this campaign is to nourish an ethic of Each One, Teach One, where our voices and contribution are welcomed and cumulative. We will Co-Create an Open Source Creative Commons utilizing social media and curate a shared message from individual voices. It is Open Source, because it is shared, participatory, and inclusive. It is a creative commons because we will share the content and viral buzz and resonance of our mutual message. The Web 2.0 social media is our framework and will support the theme of Activating Bioregional Resiliency with our co-creative media campaign. Leading up to the Convergence, we will be hosting s series of webinars facilitated by local guilds and featuring updates and presentations on highlights from that guild, organization, or bioregion. The primary host for this Cooperative Social Media Convergence Conversation will take place on our Facebook Page and new website (coming soon). if you are interested in hosting or offering a webinar leading up to the Convergence, please email: workshops@permacultureconvergence.com

Permaculture 101

Watch this short video of an overview of Permaculture by Penny Livingston-Stark - veteran permaculture teacher and founder of the Regenerative Design Institute. Penny explains how natural systems can teach us better design practices. Learning to work with the Earth not only creates a healthier environment, it also nourishes the people who live in it.


Northern California Permaculture Convergence

Building Bioregional Resiliency

GreenFriends Farm, Castro Valley, CA

Oct 12 - 14, 2012

Registration & Ticketing

Living in Abundance - $225

For those who can afford to contribute more and who choose to stand in their own abundance and support this amazing, low cost gathering. Proceeds will go to support scholarships for others to attend.

Standard - $175

Standard Early Bird - $150

For those who register before September 15.

PDC Grads - $150

For those who have completed a Permaculture Design Certification Course.

PDC Grad Early Bird - $135

For those who have completed a Permaculture Design Certification Course and register before September 15

Friday Only - $45

Saturday Only - $75

Sunday Only - $75

Teen Full Weekend - $75

For teens between 13-18 years old

Teen Day Rate - $35

For teens between 13-18 years old

Scholarship Fund!

Support the cause and donate to the Permaculture Convergence Scholarship & General Fund!


Delicious, nutritious, organic, vegetarian meals cooked with love will be provided by the MA Center. Meals will be served on Friday dinner, Saturday lunch & dinner, and Sunday lunch are included in the event fee. In addition to that, the MA Center will have chai, coffee, snacks, deserts, smoothies, wraps, and more available for purchase through the day. All proceeds go to support MA Center and GreenFriends charitable activities around the world.


We are offering a camping option at the nearby Anthony Chabot Regional Park, which is about a 15 minutes drive from the Convergence site. Camping will be an additional $15 per night. All participants who wish to camp must register for camping in advance in the registration process, after which you will more receive information on the logistical details from the camping coordinator. We will also be offering a shuttle service to and from the campground to the Convergence site in the mornings and evenings.

Worktrade Scholarships

Some limited work-trade scholarships are available.  Worktrade consists of paying a lower rate in exchange for service prior to, during, or after the Convergence. Worktrade opportunities consist of: pre-convergence set-up, post-convergence clean-up, kitchen support, GreenFriends Farm hands-on project support, camping coordinator support, open space technology support, Convergence documentation, & Convergence marketing. We are also open to specific offerings for worktrade. To inquire about work-trade opportunities please email: worktrade@permacultureconvergence.com. Please let us know your area of interest or offering, and how much you can afford to pay.

To Register for the Convergence Click Here.

Refund Policy

Full refunds minus a $20 administrative fee will be given up until 2 weeks before the Convergence on Sept 28. No Refunds will be given after Sept 28th.

Site Details - GreenFriends Farm

The beautiful 180 acre grounds of the GreenFriends Farm are becoming a demonstration & educational hub of leading permaculture, holistic management, and regenerative design practices. GreenFriends Farm began as a challenge to plant a thousand fruit trees on the overgrazed land of a former cattle ranch west of Oakland, California. Now, half way to meeting that number, it has become an educational center for cutting edge agriculture, a destination for enjoying nature, and a vibrant spot for volunteers of all ages and backgrounds. The site is also home to the M.A. Center  - the U.S. headquarters of international humanitarian & India Spiritual leader - Amma. www.embracingtheworld.org.

Broadacre Permaculture Demonstration - Site Projects Include:

  1. 500 plus tree orchard and food forest

  2. Dynamic watershed restoration

  3. Broadacre land contouring & water infiltration

  4. Keyline patterning & ploughing

  5. Native reforestation & agroforestry

  6. Holistically managed grazing

  7. Soil food web management

  8. Solar energy

  9. Community garden & orchards

  10. Sustainability & spirituality programs

Keyline Plowing in the GreenFriends Farm Orchard

Keyline design is a collection of design principles, techniques and systems for developing urban and rural landscapes. The orchard expansion project recently started using keyline plowing methods as part of its array of cultivation techniques. Keyline plowing is a method that strives to connect points of equal elevation to prevent water erosion. Keyline design is a technique used to optimize the beneficial use of water resources in a parcel of land and refers to the specific topographic features of a particular parcel of land as related to water flow. Keyline plowing can help reduce costs and amount of labor required.

About GreenFriends International

GreenFriends is a global grassroots environmental movement that promotes environmental awareness and participation at the individual and community levels in activities aimed at preserving our precious environment. GreenFriends’ baseline philosophy is that we should strive to preserve and protect our environment because not only does nature provide us with resources we need to sustain ourselves, but she also sustains all life forms on earth. GreenFriends advocates that each one of us strives to reawaken our awareness of unity with all of creation, and cultivate an attitude of love and reverence towards nature. Developing love for nature will lead to a change in our attitudes, helping us work together towards restoring the harmony between humanity and nature that has existed throughout the ages. For More information visit: http://greenfriends.org

GreenFriends: A Global Environmental Movement

In the United States, GreenFriends’ main activities include tree planting, organic food production using organic farming techniques,

The Plastic Project - a waste to wealth initiative,  solar energy and beekeeping. GreenFriends is a satellite project of the humanitarian organization Embracing the World (ETW). ETW is a member organization of the United Nations Billion Tree Campaign. Since its inception in 2001, GreenFriends has become a global environmental movement with thousands of members of all ages in the United States, Europe, Australia and Japan working together to preserve the environment through local participation in GreenFriends projects.

GreenFriends Projects

Since its inception, GreenFriends has made a tremendous impact on the environment by planting more than 1 million trees globally since 2001. Other GreenFriends projects found around the world include permaculture, building eco-friendly dwellings, promoting the use of Efficient Micro-organisms (EM), preserving land and water ecosystems, and recycling/reducing waste. To reconnect people with nature, GreenFriends also conducts workshops, nature retreats and group meditation in forests and other natural settings.

What is Permaculture?

Permaculture is a holistic design philosophy described as the art and science of creating community ecosystems in which plants, animals, human beings, and all forms of ecological diversity interact to produce a prolific, ecologically-sound, and regenerative system that can support itself and life indefinitely. The focus of permaculture is to design and establish societal systems that provide for humanity’s material and non-material needs including food, water, shelter, energy, and health in a way that is symbiotic and synergistic with the Earth’s natural ecosystems. More recently permaculture is incorporating an ever-growing landscape of diverse fields and skill sets and is being applied towards areas such as business, government, economics, group process, social systems, and even inner work.

More Information

For  questions more information please e-mail:


or call 707-634-1461

To Register for the Convergence Click Here.