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About Living Mandala

The mission of Living Mandala is to increase awareness, to create educational opportunities, and to catalyze project activities that implement ecologically and socially regenerative practices of human beings living in harmony with each other and their environment. Living Mandala designs, facilitates and produces courses, workshops and events as well as offers consultation services that implement ecologically and socially regenerative practices within a diverse set of fields including:

  1. *Community Organizing

  2. *Action-Learning

  3. *Universal Spirituality

  4. *And More

  1. *Embodiment Practices

  2. *Health & Nutrition

  3. *Rites or Passage

  4. *Reality Creation Technologies

  1. *Group Facilitation

  2. *Natural Building

  3. *Renewable Energy

  4. *Green Business

  1. *Permaculture

  2. *Regenerative Design

  3. *Nature Connection

  4. *Indigenous Wisdom

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Initiation / Soul Quest

An Ancient/Contemporary Rites of Passage

Sept 22 - 27, 2015 

Southern Oregon

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& Enter to Win $500 Credit Towards a Future Course!

Permaculture Community Projects

Upcoming Featured Events

Building Resilient Communities Convergence

10th NorCal Permaculture Convergence

Oct 8 - 11, 2015 

Solar Living Institute

Hopland, California

Permaculture Consultation

Commercial Aquaponics Training

With Applied Permaculture Design

Complete Training

Backyard, Family & Commercial Systems

Oct 22 - 25, 2015  

Hosted by NorCal Aquaponics

Sacramento, California

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