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2008, Living Mandala
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Consultation Services

Living Mandala offers consultation services to implement ecologically and social regenerative solutions for individuals, families, communities, organizations, and collaborative projects. For More Information and an Initial Consultations Contact Us.

Design Consultation Services

• Permaculture Design Consultations

• Group Facilitation and Team Building

  1. Natural Building

  2. Eco-Village Design Consultations

Design Consultation Services

Permaculture Design Consultations

Permaculture is the art and science of creating community eco-systems in which plants, animals, human beings, and all forms of ecological diversity interact to produce a prolific, ecologically-sound, and regenerative system that can support itself indefinitely. The focus of permaculture is to design and establish societal systems that provide for humanity’s material and non-material needs such as food, water, shelter, energy, and health in a way that is symbiotic and synergistic with the Earth’s natural ecosystems.

Living Mandala provides permaculture design consultations, design services, and implementation plans for individuals, families, communities, businesses and private developments projects across a diverse spectrum of fields.

Service Include:

Site Analysis and Design

Design Project Implementation

Soil Building

Food Forest Gardens

Erosion Restoration

Mushrooms & Myco-Remediation

Natural Building

Practiced in cultures all over the world for thousands of years, Natural Building utilizes local, natural and non-toxic materials to create ecologically harmonious structures designed with the intelligence, beauty, simplicity, and creativity found in Nature. 

Service Include:

Cob Building

Natural Plasters

Light Straw Clay

Straw Bale

Living Roofs

Group Facilitation & Team Building

Living Mandala offers facilitation services for communities, organizations, and businesses to assist in active facilitation for project management, team building, as well as group process to deepen personal and professional relationships in safe and supportive environments.

Services Include:

Meeting Facilitation & Group Process

Democratic Decision-Making & Group Consensus

Project Management & Strategic Planning

Open Space & World Cafe

Team Building

Featured Facilitation Technique:

Heart Circles
Being in Circle with People You Trust

Heart Circles provide an ongoing small support group setting for people wanting to explore how to deliberately become more creative, joyful, mentally-focused and heart-directed and thus more responsive to the changing times we are in. When people explore this together intentionally, they connect quickly and deeply. Friendships form and community is strengthened.

Learn More About Heart Circles

Eco-Village Design Consultations

Living Mandala works with individuals, communities, and organizations wishing to create and implement more holistic and regenerative village lifestyles in their community. For more information Contact Us.

Educational Services

Permaculture Design Courses

A Permaculture Design Certification Course is an internationally recognized educational certification in ecological and regenerative design, and is tremendously beneficial for the hosting site, community, or organization on a number of different levels. As part of the course participants work with high caliber instructors, designers, and specialists to learn valuable design skills and apply them directly towards design projects and hands-on activities based on the needs of the hosting site and local community.

Our permaculture design courses specialize in a wide range of holistic living skills that can be anywhere from two to four weeks long and include additional topics beyond the standard 72-hour permaculture design course curriculum such as: 

Nature Awareness Indigenous Wisdom Group facilitation Embodiment Practices Visionary Stewardship Reality Creation Technologies Community Activation Individual and Community Empowerment Universal Spirituality and More

This educational service is essentially up to a month long professional design consultation and implementation plan that brings together an exceptional team of professional designers to do a thorough site analysis, site design, implementation plan, and hands-on projects - work that could total to as value of several thousand dollars if contracted out professionally.

Custom and Pre-Packaged Courses

We are currently offering one initial pre-packaged workshop designed to be implemented in local communities. If you wish to host for your local community a pre packaged educational activity contact us to learn more about the existing packages available.

Introduction to Permaculture Design, Nature Awareness,
& Indigenous Wisdom Weekend Workshop

A weekend retreat in natural beauty exploring the magical synergy of regenerative design and nature awareness. Find personal renewal, balance, and expanded sensory awareness through reconnection with Nature. Learn to apply natural pattern recognition into regenerative design systems that restore and revitalize ecosystems. Find personal and community empowerment through songs, ceremony, and story.

Topics and Activities Include:

Permaculture Design Observation & Nature Awareness Indigenous Wisdom Natural Pattern Recognition Pattern Design and Biomimicry Bird Language & Tracking Water on the Landscape Swales, Keyline, & Pond Building Aquaculture Rain Harvesting & Catchments Grey Water & Bioremediation Natural Building Organic Gardening Forest Ecology Food Forest Gardening Agro-Forestry Soil Ecology & Soil Building Appropriate Technology Alternative & Renewable Energy Urban Permaculture Mushrooms/Myco-Remediation Animals in the System Designer's Tools Maps and MappingZones, Site Analysis Design Projects Hands-On Activities Social Permaculture Eco-Village Design Cultural Mentoring Zone Zero Invisible Structures Green Economics Archetypal Biology Biodynamic Farming

Personal and Community Empowerments

Living Mandala facilitates personal and community empowerment activates for personal transformation and to deepen community relations. This can include anything from vision quests, backpacking trips, custom retreats, group design processes, firewalking, and more. For more information Contact Us.


Fire Walking

Fire walking is a powerful tool to facilitate personal transformation, community empowerment, and rights of passage. Firewalk instructors are trained, experienced, and certified through Sundoor International. Living Mandala can facilitate firewalks at special events for communities and as team building for businesses and organizations. For more information Contact Us.


Educational Services

• Permaculture Design Courses

• Custom and Pre-Packaged Courses

  1. Personal & Community Empowerments

  2. Firewalks