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2008, Living Mandala
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An Introduction to Permaculture

The word ‘Permaculture’ was originally coined by University professor Bill Mollison and environmental design student David Holmgren in the 1970’s and was first taught as “Applied Systems Design “ in 1981. The word “permaculture” itself came from the notion of establishing “permanent agriculture” or “permanent culture”; in other words, permaculture is a practical set of ecological design principles and methods for human settlement that provide for humanity’s needs of food, energy, shelter, water and other material and non--material needs in a way that is sustainable and regenerative with the Earth’s natural ecosystems. Over the last 30 years, permaculture has grown to become a global grassroots movement of healing and re-connection with the Earth penetrating many different fields, continents, and cultures.  Though often thought of as just a set of gardening techniques, permaculture is in fact a whole systems design philosophy. As a methodology for whole systems thinking, Permaculture is being applied towards business, economics, government, group process, and even spirituality. It is in this spirit of permaculture as a holistic design philosophy encompassing many fields that we are truly excited to gather in one place such a diverse spectrum of teachers and facilitators and offer this educational series to the public.

Recommended Reading


A Designers' Manual

By Bill Mollison

and Reny Mia Slay

Much more comprehensive than the introduction, which we also sell, with little repeated, its goals are local food production and regional self-reliance constituting a sustainable earth care system. This is the bible of the world wide permaculture movement. Essential for students, landowners, public-policy-makers and others interested in revolutionizing modern farming and land use.
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