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Upcoming Courses, Workshops & Events

Following is a listing of our featured, upcoming, and previous courses, workshops, and events both produced by Living Mandala and by our affiliated partners and friends. If you are interested in working with Living Mandala to produce or promote a course, workshop, or event contact us.

The North American &

Building Resilient Communities Convergence

Hosting the The North American Permaculture Convergence

September 14 - 18, 2016  

Solar Living Institute, Hopland, California


Closed-Loop Aquaponics:

The Complete Course

Backyard, Educational & Commercial Systems

Highlighting Commercial & Educational

Oct 20 - 23, 2016  

Hosted by Schoolgrown

Santa Cruz, California


Closed-Loop Aquaponics:

The Complete Course

Backyard, Educational & Commercial Systems

Highlighting Home-Scale & Commercial

March 9 - 12, 2017  

Hosted by Produce Alive

Sacramento, California


Permaculture Elementals

Regenerative Retreat for People & Planet Through

Five Elements

TBA - or privately booked

We are inspired and grateful to be offering this holistic, regenerative retreat and skill based workshop for people and the planet combining personal healing & nourishment with tangible skills in sustainability and Earth regeneration at the beautiful oasis of Grace Grove Retreat Center in Sedona Arizona. With a focus on tending the inner as well as the outer landscapes, retreat participants will learn tangible skills to heal themselves and the Earth through the lens, themes, & medicine of the 5 Elements: Earth, Air, Water, Fire & Spirit. This 5-Day retreat and educational workshop will focus on 1 element for each full day, with the element of Spirit woven throughout the entire course. Participants will learn cutting-edge technologies and hands-on skills in Earth Regeneration & Stewardship including: Nature Connection, Water Works, Patterns Recognition & Design, Soil Building Strategies, Plants & Food Forest Gardening, Wild Plant Identification, and much more. This course will also focus on cultivating deeper connection to ourselves and to the natural world through observation, song, story, dance, health, nutrition, healing, and other activities. Grace Grove will offer a range of healing services available for retreat participants at special rates. Read More.

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  1. Organic Gardening For Beginners:

  2. With this comprehensive book, “Organic Gardening for Beginners”, you can learn nearly everything you need to know to garden without the use of chemicals or other harmful substances! Learn organic gardening the simple way - with this amazing book! There are many things that organic gardening can give you.
  3. Herbs for Health and Home:

  4. If you ever wanted to revert back to the "old ways" of cleaning and of preventing pest problems-but didn't want to sacrifice the efficiency and economy of chemical cleaners-this is the ebook for you.
  5. A Guide to Flower Gardening:

  6. Without the right tools and information, it could take you years to figure out the secrets to successful flower gardening. Everything you need to know about flower gardening is included in this special ebook.
  7. Worm Farming - The World Best Compost:

  8. Worm Farming is the clean, green and environmentally friendly. And it's so easy that anyone can do it. But what's more: you can earn a considerate amount of money by wormfarming. From only houshold waste the worms make you the best compost you can wish for!
  9. Guide To Organic Cooking:

  10. If you have any interest at all in organic cooking... if you want to eat healthier and do your part to help the environment... or you are interested in growing your own organic foods... then this Ebook was written just for you.
  11. Eating Healthy

  12. Secrets to looking younger and feeling fantastic. Learn every thing about healthy eating.